how to use saffron

How much Saffron to use in Milk During Pregnancy

Safran, Zafran, Kesar or Saffron how so ever we may call it, what cannot be changed is the fact that this yellow-gold spice that bags to the costliest Spice of the world has numerous benefits. The presence of hundreds of the compounds makes it an aid to a number of health related issues. You may have heard from your grannies that Saffron Consumption must be Consumed in order to look beautiful and longer young look. But did you ever wonder whether it is all?

how to use saffron

Let me Answer this Query.

Saffron is a Compound with medicinal as well as beauty effects on the human body. While applying it as a Face Pack like that of any other dermatological product, Saffron is proved to be of much more Significance than all those advertised on Screens. Moreover, the effects of its antioxidants can be counted in a number of ways. Yet, this article points its focus to just a single tag, Saffron Consumption In Pregnancy. Let us first redirect our brains to the topic:

Benefits of Saffron During Pregnancy:

how to use saffron in milk during pregnancy

  • In the times of pregnancy, the majority of women feel nausea, morning sickness and mood swings. All this happens because of the change in hormonal levels. They feel stressed, depressed about nothing and most of the times they feel gloomy. Consumption of Saffron helps those who are expecting a child to fight all this. After all, every way the mother feels, the child feels that too.
  • Pigmentation is mostly experienced during this phase of life. So for having your glamorous skin back, you can apply the paste of ground Saffron with turmeric powder and rose water on your skin.
  • The process of Digestion slows down during pregnancy. All this happens because of the changing Hormones. There are women who vomit out everything they eat. The best remedy to stop all this is to consume Saffron.
  • Women expecting a child are basically two live within one form- thus, she must be taken well care of. Food rich in nutrients and other life essentials are must like vitamins and minerals. Women do feel like not eating anything. This results in the general weakness of the newborn. Taking Saffron increases appetite in women and thus results in healthy growth of the fetus.
  • Saffron is a blessing for those who suffer from hypertension issues.
  • The cramps experienced during pregnancy are the most intense of all. Saffron soothes this pain too.
  • Sleepless night and Pregnancy? Drink Saffron milk before bed. It geniuniely induces a better good nights sleep.
  • Last but not least, women mostly get anaemic during this phase of life. Saffron which is a rich source of iron maintains good haemoglobin levels- thus a must for Pregnant Ladies.

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Although the benefits are several, yet this being the most crucial phase of life, nothing must be eaten without consulting the doctor. After all, your doctor is the one who knows your strengthens and what you need to consume and what not.

Saffron, also increases the baby movements, deals with kidney and liver problems, improvises the vision and has anti-spasmodic actions that prevent stomach aches.

Hair fall is experienced post delivery, this too can be stopped by taking saffron in meals.

Now since we are done knowing the benefits of Saffron, let us have a look at :

How much Saffron Can be used to be put in Milk during pregnancy?

how much saffron to use in milk during pregnancy

One can certainly have saffron form their second trimester, but yet one must go for a consultation as to whether Saffron Must be Consumed or not. All this depends on your uterine strength. So definitely, you need to ask the doctor. If your doctor allows you for having Saffron, the best way to intake it is in Milk.

Add two to four strands of Saffron to a Cup of Milk. Add 2-3 almonds to it. Add a cardamom pod and sugar as per taste. Boil the contents and let cool.

Serve lukewarm!

Where To Buy Best Quality Saffron For Pregnancy

how to use saffron during pregnancy

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Best of Luck For You Baby


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